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Microsoft Windows Splash Screens History

I found it interesting looking back at the start up splash screens for obsolete Microsoft Windows versions, as well as more recent versions still in use. Microsoft Windows Splash Screens

AntiVirus/Spyware/Malware Protection

TechSupportAlert Newsletter Creator, Gizmo Ian Richards, has an excellent article about securing your personal system against malware, spy ware and anti viruses. Excellent source of information! Gizmo's Guide to Securing your PC

Secunia Software Inspector

I have been impressed with this extremely helpful site for checking on installed software security vulnerabilities on your system. It scans your local system for installed software and indicates whether you are up to date in having the latest version of the indicated software. Great, necessary tool! Secunia Software Inspector

Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty

Linux Ubuntu 7.04 is currently the Linux Distribution leader in ease of use and flexibility in integration with most hardware. Usually, it is an easy install and once it's up and running, you should not be disappointed. Very nice stable and flexible alternative to Windows OS. Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty

10 Skills you should be attaining within the next 5 years!

I just finished reading an interesting TechRepublic blog entry from Jody Gilbert. She recommends 10 Skills any IT/Computer Tech focused individual should be focusing on for the next 5 years. I do agree that these skills are of great importance. These include: VOIP, Unified Communications, Hybrid Networks, Wireless Technology, Remote User Support, Mobile user Support, Software as Service, Virtualization, IPv6 and finally Security. Check it out in detail. 10 tech skills you should develop during the next five years

DreamLinux..........sort of like a pleasant dream

I was fairly impressed with DreamLinux, a recent Linux distrabution, based on Debian, Knoppix and Morphix. Very nice interface and a nice set of pre-installed software. I had no issues installing it on my Dell Dimension B110. I like it! DreamLinux 2.2