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x86/ARM differences

How does the ARM architecture differ from x86?

Linux commands quick reference


Difference between VPN and Proxy

A decent overview of VPN vs Proxy by Nicolas Fearn of VPN vs Proxy

NMAP guide

Netflix/Fix YouTube on Raspberry Pi

dig command for Raspberry Pi OS Linux/Windows

Adding the dig command is needed on a default install of Raspberry Pi OS(Previously Raspbian): sudo apt-get install dnsutils Adding dig to the Windows command line is a bit more involved: 1. Download the most recent stable version of BIND. 2. Extract the BIND package and then install BIND (As Administrator) in the following directory:          C:\Program Files\ISC BIND 9     Make sure to check the Tools Only box. 3. Once BIND is installed, open Control Panel , then open System Properties .  On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables . 4. Under System Variables , Select Path and then click Edit . 5. Add " C:\Program Files\ISC BIND 9\bin " to the Path system variable. Click OK . 6. Click OK in the Edit Variables window and click OK in the System Properties window. 7. Copy the .dll files found in the BIND folder you extracted      and paste them to:     C:\Windows\System32\ 8. Copy the dig.exe file found in the same BIND fo


i2p vs tor