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OLPC Laptop Program

I've been keeping up with the One Laptop Per Child Program and it has been exciting to see the developments from this humanitarian vision. The purpose of this organization is give as many laptops to as many children from 3rd World and disadvantaged countries for educational purposes. This is could be a step in unifying the planet in many different ways. This is defiantly a cause I would give to if I had a little more income at this time. The cost per laptop is $200, which would deliver one of the laptops to a child. What has been interesting, was looking into the technical specifications of the current XO model laptop that is being used for the program. Take a look: XO Laptop Specifications Powered by ScribeFire .

"Could not Open Install.Log File" Uninstall Problem

I was recently trying to uninstall an unused game from my wifes computer when during the uninstall process, I got, a "Could not Open Install.Log File" error. The uninstall of the program terminated and closed out with unwanted program still being there. After searching a bit, I found the answer. It looks like this error is probably specific to a certain type of install/uninstall program called "Wise Installation Wizard". The answer to uninstall these type of installs follows: 1. Open the directory where the program is installed. (Ex. For System Mechanic 5, By default, it is C:\Program Files\iolo\System Mechanic 5,if you have installed XP on C:\) 2. You will see a file named "Install.log" in there. 3. Move (cut and paste somewhere else) the "install.log" to say desktop. 4. Now, double click the uninstaller (uninstall.exe or unwise.exe) 5. It will ask you to open the installation log. Locate to the "install.log" file on your desktop.

VMWare Software

I finished an online Webinar conducted by VMWare today, that was very interresting and informative. If you haven't given VMWare Software a try, I recommend it! With VMWare's line of products you can install basically any Operating System(Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) over your currentely installed OS along with using the same hardware. Looks like Virtualization is on it's way up. They offer free software to try along with trial versions of their paid software. VMWare Site Powered by ScribeFire .

Sand Boxed Safe Surfing

I learned about a great way to possibly protect oneself from getting infected by Online based Viruses and Spyware. Using a program called Sand Boxie, you place a Web Browser or virtually any other program in a virtual environment called a Sand Box. Using this method, you can use a Web Browser or a P2P program safely knowing that if you do unfortunatlly get a virus or spyware in your virtual environment, you can easily just terminate the session without those nasty programs effecting your actual Operating System environment. Check out