Migrating to a bigger Hard Drive

I had to finally migrate to a bigger Hard Drive yesterday due to my Lord of the Rings Online Install growing to over 11GB. I was currently on a 40GB PATA HD and was approaching my limit after the install of LOTR Online. I had an 80GB PATA HD on hand that I was using to image my Windows XP 40GB HD.

I imaged my 40GB HD with Acronis True Image 8.0(older version) onto a networked folder on my other system(Mercury), which took about 2 hours(cheap router). I then Used Acronis True Image 8.0 to restore the image onto the 80GB Hard Drive.

It installed in about 2 hours or so and was I left with a 40GB active, bootable partition and a 40GB unallocated partition. I then created a new NTFS partition on the unallocated portion and expanded the active partition to merge with the new, blank one.

In the end I was left with a bigger 80GB NTFS, active and bootable Windows XP partition.

I realize there are probably much easier ways of doing this with various applications....but this is what I had available.


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