Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Email Client

I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 for the last month or so and have been impressed with it's function and orginazation. It is slightly different in the way it organizes and displays email compared to ealier versions of Thunderbird. One major differrence is the way that it can display all emails from all your connected email accounts in one universal inbox, of course you can always select individual inboxes from your individual email accounts, so there is great flexability in interaction and display within the program. Highly recomeneed with great plug-ins that can be added. You can access POP3, IMAP and most HTTP(Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc...) based email once configued correctly along with the correct plug-in's added, well worth the time!

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0


Web Development said…
Cool Mozilla! I never try this Mozilla Thunderbird.. Nice feature on this Mozilla.. I surely try this one, Thanks for the recommendation!!

Web Development

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